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Journalist at large. Runner. From Tucson. Lives in Vienna.

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The Vienna Review

A Cinephile Goes Walking Before Sunrise

Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) discover 1990s Vienna | Photo: Before Sunrise
I don’t know what originally compelled me to retrace the steps of Jesse and Celine in Richard Linklater’s eng...

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The Vienna Review

‘The Meaning of Life is that it Stops’

A little-known attraction near Klosterneuburg marks the spot where the great writer died. The experience? Kafkaesque
The house where Austria’s legendary writer took his final breath | Photo: Austrian ...

Global Post

Who really owns that Klimt?

VIENNA, Austria — It’s a needle in a haystack problem. Except you’ve got plenty of needles, many of them one-of-a-kind objects, often worth a fortune.
You just don’t know who they belong to.
During Wo...

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Tucson Weekly

Tales From the Outskirts: Ajo

Ajo is easy enough for Tucsonans to get to—that is, if you have a reason to go there in the first place. Just head west on Ajo Way, and follow it until it ends—at the community of Why, no less—and then drive north on Highway 85 for 10 minutes.

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The Vienna Review

Strolling Through the Centuries

Behind the façades of this quiet district lie tales of witches, gladiators, a nature-bound architect and Toilet of Modern Art
No tourists at the cosy Gasthaus Wild on Radetzkyplatz: strictly “locals o...

Four things Tucson’s streetcar can learn from Vienna

I'm writing this from a coffee shop in the center of Vienna, Austria. Though I'm in a touristy area of the city and a couple miles away from my apartment, I was able to satisfy a sudden urge for espresso by a five-minute ride on public transit, a feat unthinkable when I was in Tucson.

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The Uptown Chronicle

A Matter of Having “Skin in the Game”

Some Harlem voters show their cynical side

Stringio article
The Vienna Review

Broken Rules: Gaming in Austria

Indie gamers press play on new projects
In one game...

Open uri20130613 19956 hrejje article
The Vienna Review

Gilded Through History

After a stolen salt cellar and over a decade of renovations, the re-opened ­Kunstkammer in the Kunsthistorisches Museum offers a millenium’s worth of ornament and decadence
It’s dark. We see a man ent...

Open uri20130613 5695 ziv4xw article
The Vienna Review

The Expert Amateur Eye

The YouTube generation comments on yesteryear’s videos in new exhibit at the Wien Museum
Wiener Schmäh (2012), a student film at Wien Museum | Photo: Wien Museum
Fifty years from now, someone may look...

Open uri20130613 30178 7s2wfo article
The Vienna Review

Inside the Centre

Ray Monk’s biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer unravels the science, if not the human relationships, in this idiosyncratic life
Is a man better understood through his work or through his personal relat...

Open uri20130613 19956 3gedvj article
The Vienna Review

At the Easel With Gustav Klimt

The opening of the artist’s atelier in Hietzing, a.k.a. the ‘Klimt Villa’, caps his 150th anniversary
The restored villa, based on the artist’s own photographs, rounds out Vienna’s Klimt year | Photo:...

Open uri20130613 26761 1c7pz1t article
The Vienna Review

Gerald Steinacher’s Nazis on the Run

How some of the most wanted SS members lied, hid and faked their way to freedom, and who helped them along the way
by Nicholas K. Smith on January 8, 2013
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Tucson’s image problem could be fixed with a good symbol

Living in Austria, one of the first questions I'm asked is where I'm from. After the standard reply of Tucson, comes the second, more difficult question: What's in Tucson?

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The Vienna Review

Gourmet Enough for a Knife and Fork

One problem facing newcomers to any city is finding a set of restaurants you enjoy. You may have to try four or more Chinese places before you settle on one that merits your becoming a regular. The sa...